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Christian education for children, teens and adults is an important part of our life together. The Holy Spirit calls us to learn and grow together in faith.

Children's Education

Sunday School
September - May
Classes Sunday at 9:00 am

Teen Education

September - May
Classes Wednesdays at 6:00pm

Students begin confirmation studies in 7th grade and continue until October of 9th grade. They are then confirmed on Reformation Sunday.

Classes follow a specific schedule of topics. Students and parents meet with the pastor prior to class to review the expectations for confirmation students. The requirements regarding attendance, worship, sermon notes, volunteer service projects, and memorization will also be discussed. Each student receives a folder of materials which are used during class time. Each student is matched with a "Prayer Partner" from the congregation for assistance.
Sunday school nurtures our children through bible stories. Weekly classes provide a wonderful variety of lessons, crafts, and music.

Students sing on Unity Sundays which are the first Sundays of the month. Sunday school students also perform during their Christmas program.


When families or an individual request baptism for themselves or for a child the pastor provides a class to review its meaning and significance. The baptism ceremony is part of our worship, and a community celebration for all.